Adrian Frutiger (1928 – 2015)

Adrian Frutiger was a Swiss typeface designer born in 1928,  and is known specifically for the influence he had in the development of digital typography during the latter part of the 20th-century. As a young man he took on an apprenticeship as a compositor, then eventually decided to continue his training in type design and graphic art at the school of Arts and Crafts in Zurich, Switzerland from 1949 to 1951.

Frutiger travelled to Paris in 1952, where he worked as a artistic manager and typeface designer for Deberny & Peignot. The first typefaces he spawned were Phoebus (1953), Ondine (1954) and Meridien (1955) then went on to produce some of the earliest type for photocomposition. He rose to international acclaim as a typographer when he created the Univers sans-serif font, developed for metal and film in 1957. He later founded his own studio in Arcueil in 1951, with the aid of Bruno Pfäffli and André Gürtler. In the early 1970s he created a typeface for Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, which went onto become release in 1977 as the typeface Frutiger.

In the year 1988, Frutiger produced the popular typeface family known as Avenir, which he developed as a more humanist version of the popular sans-serif type of the early 20th-century such as Futura. states “The original Avenir family is made up of designs with gradual weight changes in order to satisfy the needs of specific text applications”. Along with Akira Kobayashi, they both renovated the family in 2004 to produce Avenir Next which fixed some on-screen display issues. Avenir Next is also admittedly my favourite typeface even more than the Futura type which had a direct influence of its formal features. I enjoy this type because of the sheer simplicity of its forms, organised and uniform line-weight and removal of the serifs which to me seem more decorative than anything else here in the modern.

Adrian Frutiger Artwork


Avenir (1988), Adrian Frutiger


Ondine (1954), Adrian Frutiger

Adrian Frutiger Inspired Artwork


American Honda Motor Company Logo


My Disney Experience Logo



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